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Be everywhere

The advantages of repeat advertising

• be easy to find
potential clients have the confidence that they will find you when they need you, by picking up or clicking on any issue of Contactus Ealing

• beat the competition
stay at the forefront of clients’ minds so that when they need you they come to you first, not your competitor

• get more exposure
marketing experts say a client may need to be exposed to your business between 7 and 77 times before they even notice your business, far less decide to become a customer – so use Contactus to tick off some of that 7/77

• impress your clients
show customers that you’re not a one-off, that you are a serious business, serious about advertising, and you spend your money on your business instead of just feeding off of free social media

• reach offline audiences
increase your chances of reaching the large number of potential clients who aren’t on social media

• share your story
get someone else (i.e. me) to say how good you are: note that with each repeat advert, the accompanying free story changes, so customers find out more about you

• help customers remember you
invest in your business in a way that pays off – new customers will be more likely to remember they found you in Contactus rather than via “your website”

• be part of the community
by advertising repeatedly in Contactus, you are showing your commitment to supporting local business and the shop local theme – this can only have a positive impact your clients as well as other small and local businesses

• pay less for ads
repeat advertisers get a 10% discount when booking and paying for four ads at once in advance

• get even more exposure
access ‘soft’ benefits like appearing on the magazine cover; being named as ‘This issue’s top website’ on the Contactus homepage; extra shares, mentions and retweets; being first in line for any special extras; etc.

• get recommendations and referrals
wherever you need it, and whenever I see people asking for your product or service on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc

• place higher in a Google search
increased SEO (search engine optimisation) – the more of our online issues that your advert and urls can be found in, the more your Google ranking is boosted

• get better ROI
a smaller repeat advert can work out to be more easily affordable, allowing you to splurge once or twice on a bigger impact ad, and leading to all-round greater ROI (return-on-investment)

• save time
with a repeat advert, half the work is already done, as you’ve approved the artwork previously, and all that is left is to approve the accompanying story

• save more money
saving time usually means saving money, and you get to re-use your artwork

There’s more information about advertising in other links on this page, but if you’re ready to book your ad, please use the form on the Advertise with us page. To get your 10% discount for booking repeat ads (four or more), do email me for a booking form, or print out the one on page 4 of this online guide here. Thank you.