How to join Club Contactus

• email for more information.

• get three months free Starter membership by advertising here. Details in the links below.

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Advanced membership
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Why advertise with us

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Club Contactus

Launched January 2015
If you’ve already advertised with us, you can start as a member right away

What is ‘Club Contactus’?

We are an Ealing-based membership group made up of businesses who have advertised in ‘Contactus’ local business magazines. We interact online (via Facebook) and also meet up face-to-face every two months. All Contactus advertisers get a chance to enjoy three months free Starter membership, which they can then upgrade to Basic (£96/year) or Advanced (£120/year).

Why a Club Contactus?

There’s a strong sense of community between Contactus advertisers – people who understand how and why it is necessary to support and promote local businesses like our own. We understand the value of feedback and collaboration, and are happy to share our business knowledge and experience with one another. We know that by helping our neighbour’s business, we strengthen our community, which in turn helps to build up our own business.

A few reasons for joining Club Contactus

• share that sense of belonging with other Contactus advertisers
• chance to win the Advanced joining prize of a year’s free advertising (worth £144)
• or to win the Basic joining prize of a free quarter-page ad (worth £80)
• exclusive joining-up gift: “How to promote your business in Ealing: 50 ways” e-doc
• benefits and last-minute discounts
• bi-monthly meet-ups
• club-only services e.g. ‘The Networking Machine’
• somewhere new to network
• to match flesh and blood to online profiles
• to gain confidence in networking
• to gain feedback for ideas
• to find clients at a business-to-business level
• to strengthen the Ealing community
• to be one of the first to find out what’s happening locally