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Some people need extra convincing

Here are some common objections to advertising in Contactus, and how we respond to them

• “I get all the customers I need from Facebook and Twitter”
Good for you! Stick with that, then. But one day you may want to reach out to circles other than friends and family, and invest in targeting future clients. When that day comes, come find us.

• “Why should I pay you to advertise when other magazines are inviting me to write for them for free?”
I say go for it, use up all those free passes to fame and fortune. Not everyone gets those chances, and they certainly won’t get those chances offered every time. Contactus makes it an even playing field for businesses: once you pay to advertise, you get featured, guaranteed, every single time. So with us, that press release you spent ages working on will definitely be used.

• “I’ve tried advertising before, and it didn’t work”
Are you sure it didn’t work? Are you sure that nobody saw it, that nobody checked your website because of it and then told you they found you “on the internet”? Are you sure there was none of that drip-drip effect whereby a customer has to see you 77 times before even noticing you? Or that the ad was in the best publication for your target market? Or that the ad’s design and information didn’t let you down?
To be honest, one-off ads are much less effective than repeat ads. If you’re willing to give it a try again, however, advertising doesn’t get any more affordable than in Contactus. And remember, Contactus is much more than just about ads in a magazine – it’s a whole promotional service that you access simply by buying an ad. If you’re worried that the advert itself won’t work, maybe some other part of our service will.

• “Why can’t Contactus be big and glossy like some of those other local magazines, like Absolutely or Westside Resident?”
Well, give it time. In the first place, Contactus doesn’t (yet?) have the backing of nationwide big-publishing business, which means our printing and distribution costs are relatively massive. But if you’d like a glossy magazine, you will have to pay “glossy” prices for advertising. I advise taking advantage of our affordable rates while you can – they certainly won’t always be like this.
In the second place, that’s not our style: Contactus doesn’t aim to feature high fashion or art or five-star restaurants – really high-income clients are not our target market. We’re happy promoting the majority of home-based micro/mum-businesses with the odd bit of big-business investing giving us a boost every now and again.

Still not convinced? Check out our frequently asked questions here.