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Welcome to The_Ealinger online magazine


What is The_Ealinger?

The_Ealinger is here to help connect people living and working in Ealing. It’s a new mini-magazine from Contactus, coming out every Monday in 2016, published online and full of links for following up and connecting with individuals, businesses and organisations based in Ealing. To make sure you don’t miss it next Monday, subscribe to get it in your email inbox: click here to subscribe.

What is it for?

Not only is The_Ealinger a good place to catch up on a few of the goings-on in the borough in the past week, it’s a good place to find out about events, offers and notices coming up in the near future.

With a flat price of £20 for a tweet-long text-only advert and an easy online-booking system (book your ad here), anyone can submit an ad and use the magazine for some extra publicity.

The_Ealinger, out every Monday in 2016, expands on the success of the Ealing Business Diary of local networking events, updated online every Monday morning without fail since April 2014, and with the support of the ‘Businesses in Ealing – Contactus’ group on Facebook, currently at over 1200 members.

With lots of original photos, a full page Q&A with a local businessperson or resident, and a strong community focus, The_Ealinger gives local residents something else to look forward to on a Monday morning.

Have a look through past editions (see sidebar, this page) to catch any you’ve missed. To make sure you don’t miss future editions, subscribe (click here) to get The_Ealinger sent directly to your email inbox. And/or follow @The_Ealinger on Twitter, setting notifications to ‘on’. If you’d like to share your feedback on the new thing, please email me at

– Carlene Bender