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Trust me…

Contactus ain’t no hurry-come-up business

Contactus magazines only started up in 2012, but I’ve been making magazines and newspapers for over 25 years. For a long time I worked in editorial and production offices but in 2003, after the birth of my first son, I became an Ealing home-based business – freelancing from home and only occasionally going into a newsroom.

My first job in 1989 was at a newspaper, and since then if I wasn’t working at a newspaper, I was working at a magazine. I took some time out to gain graphic design qualifications (so I could paint the Contactus covers with confidence), followed by a BA in print journalism (first class honours; with a minor in English), then an MA in sociology at the University of London.

During all my studies I worked freelance or part-time at local and national newspapers first in my home country, Trinidad and Tobago, then in Jamaica and now in the UK.

I am nuts about things printed on paper, and am always stunned by the power of the printed word. I have interviewed hundreds of people and written their stories for millions to read; I even taught “Interviewing Skills” and “Information-gathering Techniques” to university undergraduates. I have spent my working life designing layouts and writing headlines, from time to time winning awards for doing so, and training the next generation of sub-editors. (See more in my LinkedIn profile: Carlene de Bourg-Bender)

I know exactly what I’m doing when I design your advert, because I know what looks good, because I am a graphic designer. I know exactly what I’m doing when I interview you for your story because I know what reads well, because I am a journalist. And I know exactly what I’m doing when I promote your business because I run a business too, and I know what it takes to market a business properly.

I’ve seen adverts work, and I’ve seen them fail. And one thing I know is that they don’t work just standing there on their own. To reach clients, there usually needs to be something else backing up the advert: a story, social media links, face-to-face meetings. Putting all the marketing eggs into just one basket – just one advert – is a risk too often doomed to fail. Contactus doesn’t promise to bring the world to your feet with just one advert. The magazines are meant to be part of a business’s all-round marketing and promotion strategy.

So why have I chosen to highlight Ealing businesses rather than sports clubs or schools or local events? To me all these are all businesses anyway – set up to earn some kind of profit or bonus (even the charities), who always could do with some extra exposure or word-spreading.

What I do with Contactus gives local entrepreneurs – including the 16,000 or so of us in Ealing who are home-based businesses; and often also mothers of young children – a better chance of success, of making it past the three-year start-up phase, of making our business more than “just an expensive hobby”. I make the magazine and put it out there, and it’s available for business-owners to use to maximum effect.

Living, working and shopping in Ealing for over 10 years means I have the extra advantage of knowing and understanding much more about my advertisers’ target audience: I know that in Ealing they (we) care about our green spaces, about our hospital, about co-working hubs, secondary schools, Crossrail, mums-in-business, #EalingHour, and independent shops – especially coffee shops.

All this knowledge and experience is now packed up and ready for local businesses to benefit from – here in Contactus, an all-round advertising service that helps give your own business the best shot at reaching your target market in Ealing.

Yours truly,
Carlene Bender
Contactus magazines