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How to get the most out of your Contactus advert

You’ve spent your hard-earned money on advertising in Contactus, and deserve to get every bit of value from that investment. Here are a few tips to make sure your advert gets seen by as many people as possible…

• share the link to the advert on any social media that you use
• like, share and comment when I post about the magazine from the Contactus accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Issuu, and YouTube; especially when I tag you or your business in my posts (see details of Contactus social media usage below)
• visit the online version of the magazine at www.issuu.com/contactusealing and use the Clipit feature to clip the section of the page that features your advert and/or story – this provides you with a unique URL that you can then share on social media
• you can also get a direct link to the advert page itself from Issuu – where it says ‘share’, click ‘from current page’, then share that URL
• use these custom URLs to embed the magazine on your website (especially if you have a ‘news’ or ‘testimonials’ section), LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, etc.
• feel free to re-use the story I wrote about you in your newsletter or other promotional materials, adding “Reprinted from ‘Contactus Ealing’ magazine” at the bottom
• if you have a premises-based business, take a good few copies of the printed version of the magazine to display there, and distribute to customers
• even if you don’t have a premises-based business, collect a few of the printed copies from a distribution point (local libraries and shops, or from me), and share with customers
• if I built your advert artwork you can re-use in another publication, or on its own as a flyer or part of your promotional materials, just add a bit of credit at the bottom: ‘Artwork courtesy Contactus Ealing’)
• enlarge and print, or cut out the advert and story and display in your office, shop window/counter, or premises

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