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Why advertise with us

Features and benefits of being a Contactus advertiser

At Contactus, we want to do everything for our advertisers. We’re not like other magazines that take advertisers’ money and then go and feature stories about other businesses. Contactus articles are about the advertisers, and each article matches the size of the accompanying advert. So, for example: a (paid for) half-page advert comes with a (free) half-page story.

Contactus magazines feature businesses who are investing in their marketing plan in order to boost their exposure and gain credibility in the local market. Space is tight in the magazine, and we will always put our advertisers first.

Here’s what you get when you buy an ad

• free basic advert artwork (if you need it), which saves you time, money and hassle
• free story (i.e. not advertorial) about your business gives readers some real, honest and positive information about you: the person inside the business
• social media tagging and boosting helps readers find you to keep in touch
• organic SEO (Google search) boosting makes it easier for potential clients to find your website
• follows and retweets on Twitter; follows and shares on Facebook to increase your visibility
• three months initial free membership of Club Contactus exclusive group only for Contactus advertisers
• access to ongoing membership of Club Contactus (and all that entails, e.g. discounts on advertising, invitations to club events, outdoor group activities, etc.) to join a community of local businesses
• access to Club Contactus relaxed networking for beginners and start-ups helps you gently get accustomed to networking – this includes “The Networking Machine” 1:1 networking setting up and hand-holding, for more advice and practice with networking
• live link in online edition gets more people visiting your website
• it also brings you more followers on Twitter
• and gets you more likes on Facebook
• opportunity to be chosen as “This edition’s top website” (no extra cost) with a link from our homepage, which builds exposure for your business
• your ad in our magazine stays online forever and will always show up in Google searches
• free website link in our website’s Bizfinder makes it easy to find out where in Ealing you are
• introductions to key connectors who may help you progress and grow your business
• free membership of ‘Businesses in Ealing – Contactus’ Facebook group really helps with local b2b connections and with building credibility
• join in #EalingBusinessHour (coming soon) on Facebook
• magazine with your advert featured on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, including during #EalingHour on Twitter; and in local and neighbourhood groups on Facebook and LinkedIn means your advert gets seen in all the online places that are frequented by interested local parties, including and especially other local businesses who know how to help spread the word about your products and offers
• individual page tweets (with tags) after publication makes it easier for you to find and share with your own followers
• published online and in print for the same cost – one flat cost, no hidden extras means no surprises when you receive the final invoice, plus it means you reach two different audiences without having to put out twice the effort
• opportunity to be blurbed on the Contactus magazine cover (no extra cost), which helps readers to recognise you and connect more easily
• photos taken of you and your business and shared on social media shows readers an independent view of your business, and helps them relate to you
• copies of the magazine posted to you, so you have a physical record of the advert and story to keep.

There’s more information about advertising in other links on this page, but if you’re ready to book an ad, please use the form on the Advertise with us page. Thank you.