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We can help to promote your product/service/event to the Ealing and West London audience, using three main methods: online, in print and in person
> Get involved in our annual Ealing Business Expo as an exhibitor, sponsor or visitor
> Need more visibility on social media? Check out our Events Booster service
> Since December 2012, we’ve been producing and publishing Contactus magazines – over 80 editions highlighting businesses in W3, W5, W7, W13, and W4 – are available to read online at

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Contactus Ltd: based in Pitshanger, Ealing, West London W5

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Southall Business Expo Thu 7 July 2022, 9am-4pm, Southall Manor House

Southall Business Expo 7 July 2022

Ealing Council event, brought to you by Contactus – Register via Eventbrite

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Pay-4-promo: pre-event, post-event & live coverage; online, in print & in person

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Every first Tuesday of the month @EalingHour 8-9pm. Running since 2014